This creature is, or was, a Bzwamjesdian Brain Slug.

Earth was fortunate that the person who came across the Brain Slug in an Abbotsford BC Thrift Store not only recognized the Brain Slug for what it was, but had a Rezzor© with which to transmute the Brain Slugs cellular structure into a structure resembling that of baked clay.

The Bzwamjesdian Brain Slug attaches to the head of its host and takes on the colouration and appearance of the head to which it attaches, which renders it nearly unnoticeable.

Once attached to a host with filaments piercing the skull and wired into the brain, the slug is in full control of the actions of the host. At this point  the Bzwamjesdian Brain Slug uses binary fission to reproduce. Because of its asexual nature even a single Bzwamjesdian Brain Slug can lead to an infestation.

At this time we have been unable to determine whether the presence of this Bzwamjesdian Brain Slug is the result of carelessness or part of a deliberate attempt to infest Earth with the Bzwamjesdian Brain Slug.

Fortunately the Bzwamjesdian Brain Slug’s higher body temperature negates the effectiveness of their chameleon abilities as the scan of thermal scanning glasses readily reveals infection by a Bzwamjesdian Brain Slug.

Unfortunately, the current behaviour of Earth politicians is that of a human being who has suffered a brain injury cognitive impairment. This necessitates scanning all Earth politicians to ensure their lack of cognitive abilities is the result of damage from natural causes and not the presence of a Bzwamjesdian Brain Slug.

Ensure that your thermal glasses are fully charged and properly calibrated to differentiate between the normal human body temperature and the higher body temperature of the Bzwamjesdian Brain Slug. If your weapon of choice is not a Rezzor© draw one.

Men in Black will be notified to which of the two teams – scanning world politicians OR sweeping the BC Lower Mainland.

Good Hunting



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