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Research has revealed that one in ten fish are afraid of water.

The can-opener was invented 98 years before the can, leaving people puzzling for 98 years as to what the can-opener was and what it was good for.

One needs to be sure to pay special attention to what they say about ox-bow lakes when learning about the water cycle. Remembering could save you life, rather than making you a posthumous Darwin Award recipient.

If you put a round piece of ham in the DVD player it will play a short film about pigs.*

*a slice of cheese cut into a round shape will play a short film about cows.

Strictly speaking the Tomato is neither vegetable nor fruit, in reality it is a member of the fungus family as is the mushroom.

The creator of the bar code system came up with the idea when he was looking at a herd of zebras while on a trip to Africa.

The Victorians went from 1861 to 1863, because Queen Victoria misspoke and the bureaucracy assumed it was her intention to skip 1862 for some reason. It was not until 1939 that the fact the year 1862 had been missed was noted and corrected. Some historical documentation suggests that it was another incident of British misspeaking the English language on Chamberlain’s trip to Berlin to explain to Hitler why the year following 1939 would be……1939 that brought about WWII.

You know you need undertake serious change when the snowman you made tells you he will not go walking in the air with you because you are ‘a Stupid Bunny’.

It is much riskier to put a tooth under your pillow for the tooth fairy since the incident where the pitch black sleeping area preferred by Vampires caused her to cut herself on the fang she was in the process of retrieving – resulting in her becoming a blood-sucking tooth fairy.

In attempt to disprove the claim that no two snowflakes are the same researchers have posted a $100 reward for anyone bringing them a matching pair.

If you are planning to go sailing and want to be sure you have a great sail, on the way to the boat don’t forget to stop at a wind farm and purchase some wind. Just in case it turns out to be a calm day.

If you are strong enough you can grab the edge of your chair and, pulling as hard as you can, lift yourself into the air.

Bottles are made with ships in them as part of the manufacturing process. Unfortunately all but a few ships are sunk during the bottle filling process.

What country am I thinking of? Hint: pyramids, camels, pharaohs. That is right – Ireland.

The reason that no one has been able to find the Yeti of any of the Yeti’s cousins around the world is that the invention of the electric razor has allowed them to keep themselves cleanly shaven and hidden. This because a fully shaven Yeti is indistinguishable from humans. This has not only allowed them to remain hidden but to earn $$$$ as football, hockey or basketball players. (How did you think we went from the short 5.5 foot players of the 1950’s/60’s to the towering giants of today’s games?

Claims that it is the same sun that rises every day are false. It is a new sun every day and if you were to know the right hill to look over you would find a big pile of suns on the other side of the hill. The reason that the myth about it being the same sun that rises everyday is to protect the huge profits to be made in cutting the suns into blocks once they have cooled and selling those blocks as margarine.

The demise of passenger pigeons was caused by their refusal to wear parachutes. The other bird species survived because parachutes saved the lives of birds when they forgot how to fly.

Because BC Power ignored/denied the side effects caused by radiation from smart meters, if you ring the number of a house where you used to live you can talk to the past version of yourself.

It is true that all of NASA’s moon mission were all faked on a movie set. All the ‘we’re on the moon’ shots were filmed on a movie set hidden on Mars to ensure the set was not discovered.

If you put a chicken nugget in a box with water and corn, you will shortly have a live chicken to provide you fresh eggs.

The torch held by the Statue of Liberty switches from left hand to right hand then back to the left hand and repeating the cycle. The switch between hands occurs at some point in the thirteenth year after the prior switch.

If you open a battery carefully and skilfully enough you will find that a battery gets its power from tiny mice pedaling a stationary bike. When a mouse’s food supply runs out the battery stops producing power.

If your arm were long enough, when you stuck your hand down a toilet it would come out of a toilet in China.

The natural territory of wild hamburgers is the dessert. During daylight hours they hide under rocky overhangs to avoid cooking themselves in the heat of the day.

If you spin around to fast and stop to abruptly your face will slide around to the back of your head.

If you break the law of gravity the penalty is………hanging.

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