Why didn’t I say……..




Tired of telling yourself “I should have said….” or asking yourself Why didn’t I think of that…..” or coming up with the right reply long after the conversational duel is over?

Thanks to the demented minds at The Breckenridge Zone, you are no longer constrained to being polite or beating a verbal retreat because you lack the wit to be sarcastic.

For the sum of $20.00 you can posses 10 cards of sarcasm, insults and egotism that will arm you with the equivalent of nuclear weapons for you next verbal encounter.

Your possession of the rapier like wit contained in the verbal Bob Mots from The Breckenridge Zone can, with judicious application, convince friends, co-workers, even your boss that not only is your last brain cell not dying of loneliness but that you have been ‘playing dumb’.

$20.00 secures you ten cards of devastating wit from The Zone in the categories:
















Self Affirmation:








All ten cards can be from a single category, two categories or three.

If you are not sure what your best choice in the way of insults, sarcasm or egotism would be, one of our demented minds is available to facilitate your choice.

We are confident that once you see how effective these witticisms are for you, you will want to increase your verbal arsenal by purchasing additional wit.

For a slight additional fee you can have the back of the cards personalized or bearing your corporate logo.


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