Adept Sagacity

From the Zone Gadgetteer November 17, 2018

Dear Adept,

I work overnight at a shelter for the homeless. Part of the job is checking our guests, the premises and the grounds every 30 minutes tand completing the accompanying paperwork.

Which is how I came to be standing outside in the very early AM hours and observing the clouds scudding across the sky. Watching the way the clouds moved across the heavens led to me pondering whether the reason Mr. X [overseer, big cheese, head honcho] has sweeps performed every 30 minutes is because he is concerned about aliens targeting the shelter’s clientele for beaming up, performing experiments upon and for the usual anal probing. After all, credibility would be in short supply for clients of a homeless shelter if they were to claim they had been abducted and experimented on by aliens in an UFO.

I have not been able to think of any delicate way to determine if Mr. X has specific information or if it is merely a general, nonspecific concern about aliens in UFOs saucering in and disturbing our guests.

Asking directly about any concerns and/or information he may have about UFOs popping by in search of subjects for experimentation and what procedures Mr.X wants employed to deal with any alien visitor’s nefarious intentions runs the risk of embarrassing him given the effect on public perception of him because of his having concerns about visitation by aliens in UFOs.

I am leaning towards saying nothing and simply bringing a disruptor and sonic screwdriver with me to work in the shelter in order to be prepared to deal with any incursions by aliens and/or UFOs.

What are your thoughts on the matter?


Dear Conflicted

A bit of a conundrum.

Securing a rubber stamp of your signature or initials, whichever is appropriate, should help relieve the tediousness of paperwork for repetitious job responsibilities.

When dealing with a big cheese discretion is always a good idea.

With that in mind the lax^tkt^zaql make an excellent disruptor that allows you to dial down the energy output. On its lowest setting it will inflict enough damage to any UFO [except the **𝛑pquxz] to encourage them to leave without the kerfuffle involved in causing the UFO to crash. Or the headache of explaining your possession and use of a disruptor. The low setting leaves plenty of reserve should more encouragement be required.

If one possesses a sonic screwdriver one should carry it with one because is such a handy tool for dealing with a wide variety of issues such as accidently locked bathroom doors.

Just remember to be discrete in using your sonic screwdriver to avoid any questions to the whys and wherefores of the sonic screwdriver.

The Adept

Disclaimer: The gadgetteer is a product of the demented minds of the Zone. Any resemblance to any individuals living or dead is highly likely to be unintentional.