Media’s Pressing Matters

Global Morning ‘News’ on Tuesday September 13 included another report on demands to open the top two floors of Vernon Hospital, showing Peter Hill presenting local MLA Eric Foster with a 6,033 signature petition demanding government open the floors.

The gentleman with the petition was not asked, in light of the budget consequences of the HST vote, what programs he wanted to cut (or taxes to raise) to fund opening those floors.

He was not asked if he had voted to extinguish the HST or how many of the 6,033 signers of the petition had voted to extinguish the HST.

The ‘news’ continues its failure to ask Bill Vander Zalm, Adrian Dix (and the NDP) or any of those who voted to extinguish the HST what their plans to address the financial consequences of extinguishing the HST are. Consequences laid out clearly in the report prepared to inform voters of the realities of extinguishing the HST. Consequences readily apparent to anyone who made the effort to think the matter through.

It is clear the fallout from extinguishing the HST is having negative consequences for the people of BC, consequences that will get more painful. Unfortunately is also clear that it will be the most vulnerable citizens who will bear the brunt of any profound and devastating consequences, a result of their lack of anyone one to speak for or represent their interests.

As a result of having no one to speak or represent them, this group will suffer many deep cuts to their programs and be allowed to fall out of housing, onto the streets homeless, into self medication and substance use.

Media, citizens, bureaucrats and politicians will all wring their hands and tut, tut about how this is terrible and how irt shouldn’t be allowed to happen – until it comes time for them to shoulder the negative consequences themselves or actually pay what the services they consume cost. At which time they will no doubt once again slink away leaving the vulnerable to suffer.

In the meantime Media’s focus is on more pressing matters, such as the burning question of whether a sandwich can be supper or if a supper that includes a sandwic is not technically supper .