How to Destroy Society !!!



1. You should leave a path of chaos wherever you go. This can be done in an infinite number of ways. You can choose one, and let it be your signature, or use a special combination, or even use random methods so they don’t know what is coming/happening. Be Creative…

2. You can do this in two different styles that are currently known of and recognized. Method 1: The Silent, Unexpected Method (SUM). This is exactly what you think it is.
Be Quiet. Let them think that you are innocent and that you love all things. This way, you can perform your deeds of destruction without resistance.

3. The other method is the Out-rightly Defiant and Destructive method (ODD).
This, like SUM, is exactly what you think it is. Be crazy!!! WHOOOOO!!! MURDER MURDER MURDER B/C IT’S SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!! Sacrifice Things, if it makes you feel destructive!!! (if you sacrifice anything, I recommend that you use something like a carrot or a kumquat or a human because this is a war, a destruction, of SOCIETY!!! NOT BUNNY RABBITS AND GOATS AND PIGGIES!!! WE LOVE ANIMALS!!!)

4. Wear things that don’t match; it makes them feel less in control.

5. Write all over yourself.

6. Do stupid things that will mess up the way normal people like to do things.

7. Maybe you could even rhyme everything you say…



* Be sure to let people know what your quest is dedicated to; I will destroy society in the name of [insert name]. If you don’t do this, they will probably make up false entities or give the credit of your motivation to the wrong being or idea.


* Do not start this if you cannot finish it!!!

* Don’t start ANYTHING that you can’t finish

* Just do the most damage you can manage before they take you down


* People WILL try to get in your way

* They might hate you

* No, they WILL hate you (that is, if they don’t JOIN you)

* There WILL be traitors in our midst; you must learn to weed them out

* Almost nobody will appreciate the work of your life… but we don’t really care what THEY think, now do we? Because THEY are the problem, they feed off of the corruption, and make it as a by-product. You MUST remember that as you fulfill your quest.

Be brave, my Minions Of Destruction

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