Fellow bibliophile

I capture/collect library1 verbal faux pas via photograph. Recently I put together a medley of the photographs and made observational comments about the content of the photographs and published the medely on my website and on Abbotsford Today.

For example: I commented that when you put together books of suggested reading for the ‘thinking man’ you probably should give some thought to where you place the display and the signage used to draw patrons attention to the display.

If you put together a display of books of interest to the ‘thinking man’ and you title the display ‘thinking mans corner’ and the display is located in the middle of the library far from any corner……….individuals who use their brain for thought, not just a spacer to keep their ears apart, are going to notice the absence of any corner.

I always have had an appreciation for George Carlin’s oxymoron like Jumbo shrimp.

As a result of the medley and comments the Librarians at Clearbrook presented me with a new resident to reside in my residence.

At first she was reluctant to leave the library – a sentiment I can understand. I certainly would not want to relocate if I was living in a library.



She almost bolted when he was the first of her fellow residents she saw:


I pointed out that she was safe since he was a carnivore and as a creature of meat I tended to keep him well fed.

I think she would still have bolted back to the library but she noticed the presence of some books.























Then she met a visiting dust bunny.

[The temporal rift that resulted in the clock on the wall where the temporal rift opened running backwards, also caused the veil between Harmony and Earth to open connecting the future Harmony to the Earth of the present]



She and the dust bunny have become fast friends.


I know, dust bunnies are not green; but they do have their own sense of style and there was this can of green hair dye for Halloween……..

The pair of them have developed a taste for Science Fiction movies from the late 50’s and the 60’s as well a Doctor Who.

I am just thankful that my guests have no use for reality TV or the rest of the brain cell killing television programming currently being broadcast.

1 It is important to note that the signs demonstrating lack of appreciation of the English language below that which is [or should be] acceptable for a library or librarian originate at the ‘head office’ of the FVRL network.