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Had an interesting discussion at work tonight about what the Bible reveals about the current state of affairs on Earth and the aliens who travelled here from another dimension, are hiding among us and are manipulating the human race’s self-destructive extinction behaviours.

I did express my feeling it would not take much manipulating, if any, for the human race to be behaving as it currently is; that the human race’s distain for thought made rational behaviour the extremely rare exception, rather than the norm; and that the human race was well capable of great evil (as well as the many day to day small evils so prevalent in human behaviour) – especially with the devil (or God) to place blame on, as this allows humans to avoid taking any personal responsibility for their actions  – and the consequences of those actions.

My co-worker expressed his concern that the person, based on the amount of food eaten at supper and that the person was looking for more food just 2 hours later) was an alien himself. I assured my co-worker that if the person was an alien, I would not let my co-worker serve as an alien appetizer.

The gentleman and I discussed what study of the bible, reading other relevant texts and the current state of world affairs revealed about the alien plans for the now, and their future invasion plans.

An interesting conversation that suggests an intriguing explanation as to why there are so many bible colleges in the area.

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